Hugh Water Services is your do-it-all water service company in Brockway, PA. We serve a wide area in Western PA, from the New York State line, down to Pittsburgh, PA. Holt Drilling provides complete water well services, including well drilling, well cleaning, geothermal and more.

We provide water pump services, including sales, service and rentals for pumps, tanks, water supply systems, sprinklers, and more. We provide complete water testing and treatment products, filtration systems for drinking water, and much more.

We offer bottled water service for residences and offices in our region. Complimentary delivery is offered for bottled water, as well as coffee and flavored water.

Add excavating and winter snow plowing and you have a full service company.

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We are Brockway’s one convenient source for clean and clear water.

Contact  Hugh Water Services  by  e-mail  or by phone at
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toll free at 877-987-8981

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Serving Western PA since 1988



Hugh Water Services, Hugh Bottled Water and Holt Drilling are divisions of Romida Inc.

PA Contractors # 042353                    NY Driller # 10997

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